Another LOST Post…

Among the many from many other blogs. Just gearing up for the final ( 😦 ) season. Have been rewatching all hiatus, and am now on the best episodes, in my opinion. I watched Walkabout the other night, and it’s made me think about the differences of John Locke before he was resurrected and John Locke after he was “taken over”, I guess, by Mr. Loophole after Crash Number 2. And another thing was in that same episode, Locke had his first run-in with Smokie. He had that staring contest with everyone’s favorite Mystery Island Monster, could that have been Mr. Loophole determining if one day this might be the loophole he would find?

Who knows. Maybe we’ll get an answer this season, but maybe not. Maybe that will be something to leave us hanging forever…

I do know I’ll probably have more to say on LOST. I always do.


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