In Honor of LOST Day…

… A new theory from me.

So since in about an hour (okay, precisely an hour and ten minutes as I type this) from now, LOST Season Six will premier, I’ve been working on a new theory. It just hit me yesterday at work. Hurley is always playing the happy guy with bad luck and a way to have clumsiness and a little dumbness… for all we know, he could be faking. I’m working on a theory that Hurley is the true bad guy in this show, and will be revealed as such this season. This theory is still a work in progress, and for all I know I could be wrong, Hurley could be the new Jacob. But here is what I’ve fleshed out of this theory so far. I have points for it and against it.

– He could always be playing the dumb luck guy, such as when he accidentally fired the flare gun and signaled the others where they were with Naomi.

– When the Incident, or at least the dropping of Jughead down the hole, happened, we did not see him either in the gun-battle or at the Swan Site at all. Could Richard have pulled him aside and they both watched the whole thing happen, with no harm to them?

– He wanted to go with Des and Charlie to the Looking Glass. He said it was because he didn’t feel like running with the rest of the people, but it could have been to sabotage Charlie from unlocking transportation.

– He could have done the census and manifest thing for a few reasons, one, to gain the trust of the survivors by taking it and turning in Ethan, and also to gain intelligence on the Survivors along with Ethan for the Others.

– He revealed the sat phone to Mihkail, which could have been viewed as a mistake, as he always kept that appearance up, of a goofy person.

– Isn’t always a nice guy, has conned Sawyer as well as Sayid and Kate before.

– He could have struck a bargain with the Others that they would take away his bad luck in exchange for working with them after Jack, Sawyer, and Kate were zapped. The other three were the only ones we saw zapped, which doesn’t mean that he wasn’t, we just didn’t see it, just like we didn’t see Michael get zapped.

– Episode title “Everybody Hates Hugo.” could have been a prediction?


– Hurley always was protecting people and trying to keep everyone happy (the golf course and the giving out of all the food.)

– All the crazy things that happened to him while he was trying to get on the plane could have been preventing him from getting to the Island.

– When Hurley conned Sawyer it was to get him to be nicer to everyone.

– He killed the Others on the beach, probably wouldn’t want to kill his own people.

– He really could have just wanted to go with Des and Charlie to the Looking Glass to help them and to be with them.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got right now, still coming up with more, and trying to figure out if the Hurley Bird means anything to this theory.

Can’t wait for the new season tonight!


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