Bring on the Spring… PLEASE!

Looking out my back door

See that? That’s my back patio and the barbecue. My entire world is buried under two feet of snow. After a snowstorm last Tuesday, and one the week before, and another the week before, and another a few weeks before Christmas. I haven’t really even seen the grass for more than a day or two in between snowstorms for quite sometime. What is grass? By the way, I live in Maryland. We aren’t supposed to get this kind of snow in Maryland. Maybe one snowstorm per winter, not three or four, with more on the way. If I wanted that, I’d move further north. So here I sit, wrapped in blankets, sipping hot drinks, wearing sweaters, boots, scarves, hats, gloves, and all sorts of bulky warm clothes, and I dream of springtime. Dream of light, floaty skirts, cardigans and tank tops, filmy dresses, sandals, and light spring jackets for when it’s just a little cool. And boy oh boy, I cannot wait for it. I’m thinking about moving further south… maybe out to Hawaii? I don’t know, somewhere warm. Because I am not a fan of this when I live where I’m not supposed to get this kind of weather.

I want flowers and budding gardens. And I can’t wait for beautiful peonies to bloom again in June. I can’t wait to be hot and fanning myself, making milkshakes and light dinners. It’ll come, right?

Waiting for spring. Who else is with me?

Edit: Not a day after this post, we’ve gotten another snowstorm. Just in case we don’t have enough on the ground right now. I think the weather gods must be demanding a sacrifice or something… I’m just going to go be catatonic now. Lead good lives.

Edit 2.0: Wow, just saw that I had spelled please PELEASE. That snow is getting to me, sirs. I’m really going to go hide now. Goodbye.


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