The “I Miss” List

So for the past week or so stuff has happened to me that has changed my emotions and all that… made me think of all I miss. And because I have a whole lotta free time on my hands all of the sudden, I made a list. And decided to post it. Yup… Read on or run, won’t be offended if you run.

-Friday morning breakfast with my mom at Dunkin Doughnuts when I was little. We’d drop my dad off at the train station, and then go get doughnuts for me and an apple fritter for her. And talk to the most awesome server I’ve ever known, Miss Dee. Who is still there. And still one of the best people I know. Of course I started going to school, and my mom went back to working Fridays, and my dad got a company car, so sadly, the breakfasts stopped. But they’re a great memory.

-Nap-time in kindergarten. And of course I hated it then, but boy, I’d do anything for it now.

-Recess after lunchtime. Loved it then, miss it now… well except for when I got left alone and rejected and all that, but at least now I could have a book and relax and all.

-Spring break! Now I have to take vacation time for a spring break.

-Summer vacation as well. I have never hated summer vacation, and boy those three months off would be fantastic now. Except I like getting paid. So how about a paid summer vacation? Yeah, sounds good to me too.

– All my high school buddies who are all far away in school now. I miss all y’all so much!!

-Lunchtime back at TA. Man those lunches were good. Like the time we got told off for playing a card game by the school art teacher… I think the game was bs. Boy I’m always good at this game. It’s where I use my ability to lie. Other than that, I’ll avoid lying.

-The cruise I went on for my Senior class trip. Yes there was drama every day. Yes, we were chaperoned and watched. But damn it was fun. And warm, after a long winter. Cozumel was gorgeous. And I kicked ass at BS then too. And certain people could not lie to save their lives, and I completely called him on it… I highly recommend cruises. Who cares if you stay in the cheap cabins. How much time do you intend to spend in your cabin anyway? All we did was sleep and pretty ourselves up for dinner parties. Too gorgeous to stay inside. Costa Magica was awesome.

-My high school English and drama teacher. She scared me a little the first time I met her, but by the time I finished my sophomore year I loved her. As many good teachers as I had, Ms. Candelaria made the biggest impact in my life, and I’m grateful to her to this day.

-My friends down at Southern Adventist University. They were the ones who got me through that year, being hours away from my parents, my friends at school, and my family who took such good care of me. And I can’t wait to see them in two weeks!

-The days of flying where you could meet someone and see them off at the gate, not at the security checkpoint. Too bad those days are gone forever.

-My art teacher from Southern. I didn’t know her as long as Ms. Candelaria, but Professor Hassle was so sweet and caring that not only did I look forward to her class because I loved the content, but because she was so nice that I’d always get cheered up after a soul sucking photography class. That photography class and teacher, boy do I NOT miss. At all.

-My now I guess you’d call him ex. Although I’m not sure what you’d call him, it was an interesting relationship… long distance and all. Happiest times with him, and now I am without him. And good God in heaven I miss him.

-Sex and the City. That show was awesome. Silly, yes, but awesome.

-Real tv shows… not that reality crap that always seems to be on now.

Yeah, there are other things, but that’s enough for now. Anything you miss?


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