Flashforward is back tonight!!

So I tried to stay up on Tuesday night to watch the Flashforward pre-premier thing, but ended up falling asleep, nothing new for me these past few months. Work is amazingly tiring. However, that’s notthe point today. I’ve actually liked this show. And further proved my point that while I hate Charlie Pace on LOST, Dominic Monaghan and all the other character’s he plays doesn’t annoy me. Must be Charlie traipsing around all the time going on about being “in a band. I’m the bassist in Drive Shaft, yo.” crap. While I’m not as all over this show as I am with LOST, I still like it a lot. It makes me think and puzzles me. And boy I hope Demitri doesn’t die. He’s one of my favorites on the show. Why do I always like the ones who are going to die? Can’t wait to see it tonight. Hopefully it’ll be good. And. We’ll. Get. Answers! Sorry, just like the commercials  always say.

And tomorrow my friend and I are doing lunch, DSW (dear Lord I love shoes!), and going to see Alice in Wonderland. What a great way to recover from heartbreak. Food, friends, Johnny Depp, and shoes.

Okay, going to study.

Image courtesy of http://www.scifiscoop.com.


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