Flash Forward and a LOST link.

So first up… new LOST post on other site: http://lovesteamykeamy.wordpress.com/2010/03/22/last-weeks-lost-recon/

Okay, so I did manage to stay awake through the premier ep. of Flashforward this week, and I gotta say… freaked. me. out! Confession: I get scared while watching movies and tv very easily. I mean, I actually had to hide in certain people that cannot be named by me because it hurts too much shirt while we went to go see District 9 this past August (okay, that may have only been partially the reason, there was also he was warm and I was freezing, and I liked being in those arms that I now miss, but I also was freaked out a few times). I’m squeamish like that. And let’s not even get into what watching I Am Legend did to me. And I watched that in the daytime. With other people. And could not sleep for the next few nights. I think I was 16 or 17 at the time, go ahead and mock at free will. Anyhow, the whole Clown mask guys had me jumping in fear. And the whole torture thing had me hiding under a blanket wishing for certain people to hide in them. Which made me sad, so I took the fear. And Charlie… I mean Dominic, he made me snicker, he made me smirk, and he pissed me off. And then he killed his uncle. Who ORCHESTRATED the whole blackout thing, I think. And made it look like he was trying to revive him from a heart attack. DUDE! So it was pretty good. And I can’t wait for this weeks episode to figure out a little more.

It’s kind of funny. This show gives way more answers than LOST, but I still say LOST is superior to it.

Thinking about adding a few more things to discuss on this blog. Books, maybe. Fashion. Any suggestions? Let me know!


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