The Pre-Glee Post

I’m going to get up a post about this past weeks episode of Glee (Home, with Kristin Chenoweth), but first, I’m going to do something a little different.

With every episode of Glee I’ve written about, I’ve included a paragraph about two “background” characters, Matt Rutherford and Mike Chang. The two guys who only talk when everyone else is talking and sing when everyone else is singing. I don’t know why I get so annoyed that they never say a word on their own, but it keeps picking at me. It’s probably just because I’m weird like that.

Anyhow, these guys don’t even get in most of the cast photos. I hunted forever, and found maybe two or three with them. I’d love it if they all of the sudden just came up and grabbed a mic during a performance and talked or sang. It’d be awesome.

Please Mr. Murphy, put them in. Give them a line. Even if it’s just two words? A line in a song? I’m figuring you have to be able to at least carry a tune for glee club casting… right? Just a little word?

If you have no clue who on earth I’m talking about, here’s one of the few cast photo’s with all the club in it, Matt, Mike, Brittany, and Santana are all included.

Mike - between Kurt and Finn, Matt - First on the front row, right side.

Although I did just see an article with some pictures. Looks like at least Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike) was at the White House Easter Egg Roll this year… yay!

Okay, I’ll end this post, so stop rolling your eyes at me. Back to working on the Glee episode post.

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Quickie for Glee! Slight Spoiler included.

So remember this post where I mentioned at the end I’d heard rumors of the fantastic Kristin Chenoweth being back to do her role as a “slightly” tipsy April Rhodes this week? Well, um, that sound you heard was me squeeeeeeing in delight since those rumors are true. And I’m sure you’ve already heard it, but hey, I just come in a little behind others… and she’ll be back tonight! Yay! Of course I won’t be watching until tomorrow, because LOST is on. Yeah, it’s a rerun, but it’s of Richard’s episode, so I’m watching. And tomorrow I’ll watch Glee!

Please Send Help. And Ways to Break in New Shoes.

So I have this addiction. It’s serious. And can be expensive. But I can’t help it! It’s a part of me. Hi, my name is Kati and I’m a shoe addict. And the picture you see is the most recent pair I’ve bought. I bought them even though they were not that comfy. Even though I knew my feet would be dying about an hour or two after wearing them. I bought them. Because they’re beautiful. At the time I did have the money for them, so that didn’t worry me. I had been planning to take a vacation to see a person, but those plans fell through, and boy did they ever fall through, so I all of the sudden found myself with a lot of money and no need for a plane ticket. And a broken heart. So what else was a girl to do but buy a beautiful pair of shoes? They may hurt my feet after a little while, but they will never break my heart! And that is my love for shoes.

Someone told me to wear them with socks around the house for a bit, it’d break them in fast. Anyone else have a suggestion? I need to wear these. They make me happy. And I need to stop buying more shoes just because they make me happy. They don’t make my bank account happy. Like I said, I think help should be sent… soon.

Update: they still hurt a bit, but I just don’t care. They’re gorgeous. And I’ve dealt with painful heels before. I’d rather cute than comfy… which can be bad. But who cares.

Glee + Madonna = Great Music

So I got to watch the latest episode of Glee last night. The Power of Madonna. Thought it was pretty good. Thought the musical numbers were really good (although lets face it, no one can do better than Madonna at her own music). Still love Vogue. Like a Prayer was beautiful, I loved the choir being in it. Puck talked. But Matt and Mike… still got nothing from them. We see them sing, we see them dance, but I have never heard either of them speak. Ever. I saw Matt mouth words to Mercedes in Sectionals. Mouth words. And shake his head. But never have I heard words escape their lips, except when they’re singing with everyone else so we can’t tell what they sound like. Am I the only person who watches and wants to hear them speak and sing alone?

Okay, on to the rest of it… I think I’ll be saying the same thing about Matt and Mike until they get lines. But Puck sang last night! Alone! A whole verse! I’m sorry to be talking in exclamation points, but boy do I love that man’s voice. Even if he should keep his mouth shut save for when he’s singing. And Sue got burned by Will! Of course it didn’t go so well, seeing as when it comes to hair jokes she’s just slightly, ummm, sensitive…

So what we learned this week on Glee… Finn lost “The Big V”, while Rachel and Emma couldn’t go through with it… and apparently when people do that, they dance around and sing… yeah. Sounds a little crazy, but hey, it’s a musical tv show, anything is possible. Sue encourages her Cheerios to be like Madonna, date younger men, only go by their first name, and a couple dress like her too. It was good to see that Becky was doing pretty good as a Cheerio, and still is just as sweet as she was when she tried out. Rachel couldn’t do it with Jesse while he was still at Carmel, and felt bad to be in a relationship with him, and so he transferred to McKinley High. And challenged Finn to a “sing-off” in the parking lot after school over Rachel. Yeah, you read right… a sing-off. Because all the cool kids are doing that instead of fighting. I wonder if the jocks will slushee Jesse soon. The boys all seemed to be objectifying the girls, Mr. Schue included, which was why he decided, after being inspired by Sue’s cheer routine and her policy to blast Madonna music in the halls, to use Madonna songs for the week’s assignment, so the boys would learn that girls are strong on their own, and not just objects. And while the lesson went clear over Puck’s mohawk, bless his pretty heart, most of them seemed to get the point. Artie got that he shouldn’t have been rude to Tina, telling her to dump the goth look and makeup. And Tina had just snapped at Artie, which killed me. “I’m up here!” Go Tina! Mercedes and Kurt helped film and co-starred in Sue’s Vogue video, and in return they got to sing 4 Minutes, and do a routine with the Cheerios, they’re now members of both New Directions and Cheerios. They need to shine too! They both have great voices, but something tells me Sue will do something crazy with this. It’s Sue. And the big finale number was Like a Prayer, done beautifully. Kurt had the clearest voice in his part of that song. Goosebumps. And like I said already, loved the choir singing it with them.

The best thing about this episode for me was the music. Everything was done well, and funny. I wanted to slap Santana through a lot of this episode, like last episode. But I enjoyed it enough to watch it again tonight.

And I cannot wait for next week’s episode… rumor has it that Kristin Chenoweth will be back! Um, SQUEEEEEEing with excitement if that’s true!

10 Random Things About Me

I’m utterly bored at work right now, so I’m doing this ten things post thing. I found it on It’s something to do besides strain my eyes.

10 Random Things About Me

  1. The only tv show I never fall asleep during is LOST. All other tv shows I watch (CBS Monday Night Comedy, Glee, NCIS, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Grey’s Anatomy, Colbert Report, etc.) I am likely to pass out on the couch during.
  2. I used to be blonde, but got bored and tired of my sallow skin-tone, and dyed it dark.
  3. If I don’t write down things, I will never remember them. Ever.
  4. I read on my Kindle app on my Blackberry (Bold 9700) during church when it gets boring. Yeah, terrible, but short attention span theater. Oh look, a chicken!
  5. When I was about 14 I wanted to be a lawyer, but mostly because I saw Legally Blonde. And then a year or two later realized that I really didn’t want to pursue it, only thought I did because of that movie.
  6. When I was 11 I was on the cover of my city’s weekly newspaper. And I had the worst rats nest ponytail ever. Ever since then I’ve taken care of my hair, or at least put a brush to it before ponytailing it.
  7. I have an incredibly twisted sense of humor. At work I try to keep it quiet, but sometimes Twisted Kati just pops out. Like when I was watching a Jeff Dunham clip yesterday and nearly died laughing at his story of his chihuahua and his daughter pressing the retract button on the dogs leash. I’ll get the link up for those clips tonight at home. So you can all see how twisted I am.
  8. From the time I was 11 to the time I was 13 I had very few friends at school and struggled daily with depression. Which is something not many know about me, because I don’t like talking about it. But hey, I can say what I want here. I think…
  9. If a summer goes by where I don’t read To Kill a Mockingbird, it feels weird. That’s one of my favorite books ever, and the only non-chick-litesque book I read all summer.
  10. I still have *NSYNC on my iPod. I will forever and always love J.C. and Joey. Who by the way was robbed on Dancing With the Stars a few years back (Joey).

Crap. I still have an hour left in this dungeon of work, and I’ve finished the ten things list. Off to write five more blog posts out of sheer boredom!

I’m A Terrible Friend

And a bad future aunt. One of my friends is having a baby girl in a few months, and yesterday while my mom and I were in Target getting a new pair of pants for my little sister who spilled vinegar on her pants yesterday (another story, there is never a dull moment with my little sister. Ever.) I found a little baby outfit that was just what I needed to get for my friends little girl.


I’d like to extend my apologies to my friend for getting this for her baby. I couldn’t resist. And I’m sorry for all the future things I will buy that are girly like this. And I’d like to apologize to my little sister for whatever I buy for her children in the future. I can’t help it, the dress just called to me! Told me to buy it for the baby…

It is a little cute, you know.

Pitying my future children as well…

By the way, if anyone has suggestions for other good baby gifts and wedding gifts, put them in the comment section, I’d love the advice.