Girly, Springy Favorites

So I’m bored at work today (vacation starts at 5:30 pm, and I’m trying to not start on a new book until I get back. But I probably will start a new one anyways.) So I’m doing this. Because I can. And you can skip out if it looks lame.

Crystal Pencils


I’m aiming to get the two sets from Kate’s Paperie. There’s one that’s a white crystal on the top of each of the five pencils, and one set that’s a different colored crystal on each of the five pencils, green, red, pink, white, and blue. I have a pink one I got from Paper Source, but they only sell them in singles, so you never know which color you’re going to get. (And since there’s no eraser at the end of it,  I bought this eraser. I couldn’t help it. And since I only use it at home, not at work, it’s okay). Pencils are $25 for the set of five white crystal pencils (with “a girls best friend” printed on each of them), and $20 for a multicolored set of five at Kate’s Paperie.

Sparrow Nest Paper Clip Holder

I’ve never been one for bird things, but there’s something about this one that I can’t help it. I like it. I want it. I’m waiting for it to be in stock at Paper Source so I can buy it. It would look really cute on my desk. $11.95 at

Bisadora Lime Green Geometric Print Sporty Satchel

Spring Purse!

I saw this purse on when I was buying my carry-on suitcase (Chattanooga Airport and I have a bad history of them losing my luggage when I fly there, so I’ve taken precautions after getting sick in Atlanta airport and really wanting to change my clothes when I got to Chattanooga, but having to wait a couple of hours because I had no luggage. But that’s another story.) and fell in love, so I bought it. I carry it to work and shop every day, it’s cute, not too big, and perfect for spring. $39.99 at

Vinea Pencil Cup

By now you should see that I have a thing for office products. Pretty ones. I can’t explain it, call it genetics, my mom seems to have it too. But I like them. Maybe because I intend to have a Wedding and Event Planning business one day, and am looking at what would look good on my desk for then and getting it now. I don’t know. I just know I like the stuff. And that this pencil cup is pretty. And delicate. And kind of spring-like. $5.95 at

And it’s other piece; the Vinea Letter Holder.

See, delicate. Pretty. Would hold all those student loan bills I’m paying off well, right in front of me, to remember to pay them right away. And catalogs. And other papers. $9.95 at

My new dress from American Eagle.

I can’t find a picture of it, or any description on, probably because I got it on the clearance rack and it was the last one, and in my size (such a lucky break.) But its gorgeous. And kind of a deep green, with purplish-pinkish flowers on it, and a little tulle bit poking out at the hem. Strapless, boned top. I’ll get a picture of it up. I intend to wear it to work on “casual Friday” with a white cardi I got ages ago. I got it with one of my friends when we went to see Alice in Wonderland a few weeks ago. I needed something to wear, because I didn’t look so good in my jeans that day, and that just wasn’t gonna happen (damn you Aunt Flo!!!). We hunted and hunted, and I almost got a skirt from The Loft, until I saw the price tag. And then found this. And it was meant to be. I felt cute, and wore it, and can’t wait to wear it again. Probably will next week when I’m on vacation.

Metallic Micro Strip Skirt

This is the skirt from the shopping trip mentioned above that I almost bought, until looking at the price tag. Always look at the price tag before trying something on! You don’t want to fall in love and then not afford it. I’ll definitely buy it when it’s on the sale rack. Assuming it’s in my size, of course. $79.50 at I have student loans that cost that much a month.

Iris and Tulips Bouquets.

I had this same bouquet I ordered myself from a few weeks ago. No one else sends me flowers, so I get them myself if I want them. And these were just too pretty to pass up. They were glorious in my room all week long.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Even though I might not go to the festival all that often from the hoards of tourists that descend, I still love the blossoms. It’s one of the best times of spring. Along with the house that I pass on the way to work that’s set in a bunch of trees and has patches of daffodils growing all over. I’d get a picture, but I can’t really stop unless I want to hold up traffic and all that.

Well, can’t think of anything else. So I guess I’ll get back to what I was doing. And just count the minutes till vacation time. It’s coming!

Update: The bird paper clip holder, letter holder, and pencil cup are all available on now. Yay!


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