So I’m flipping through channels after LOST just to see if Glee is still on, since it’s back tonight (yay!). No, I didn’t get to see all of Glee, LOST takes priority to all other shows, sorry Puck. I still love you I swear. Especially when you sing “Sweet Caroline” in that beautiful voice of yours. Or a few other good moments on the show… but we’ll discuss those later, mmmkay. Because wow, did anyone else love the “Vogue” video that aired at the end of it? Can’t wait to be able to download that one. Go Ms. Lynch! Her as Sue Sylvester is always awesome, and that was just too cool. Mr. Murphy, please put that video on iTunes soon. Please. I beg you upon my knees. It’d be so cool to have that. I can’t wait to see it again.

Gleeks Rock!


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