Good-bye Betty. And about Glee

So the Series Finale of Ugly Betty is on in moments. Ah, Betty. You’ve come so far. From the girl with bad hair, braces, and a poncho, to chic clothes, no braces, and good hair. Although you still have problems happen, like dirt thrown in the face. But hey, we all love you. May you go on forever.

And now onto another show, Glee. I liked the episode (just watched it now), but I do have a few suggestions. One, um, when did Puck become a background character? He had five seconds of screen-time and not one line. Blah. And two, those other two guys, Matt Rutherford and Mike Chang, can you give them some lines, too? I haven’t heard them ever say more than a line or so. If that. Some episodes they have no lines, they just sing. I don’t even know which voice is theirs… I’d like to. They dance pretty good. And Mike is kinda cute. Can we get them some scenes of their own? Please. I think they could be cool to see.

Oh, and guys, did you have to use that stupid “the heart wants what the heart wants” line? God. Is every show using that crap line. I have things against that line. It’s evil. And it has the ability to make me want to cry, break my heart, and then want to punch whoever said it. Good thing Puck didn’t say it. I nearly threw something at Keamy when he said it on LOST. Okay, at the tv when Keamy was getting his screen time.

But other than that, I liked it. Liked “Gives You Hell”, liked “Highway to Hell”. Felt sad for Rachel when Finn went all jackass on her. And for Emma, too. Was happy when she was happy, too. And believed the unbelievably narcissistic Jesse. He reminds me of a couple of guys I went to high school with. It’s just how they are. We all are at times. We don’t know all sides of him, we only saw him a little. He could be not terrible. Yeah, he’s the rival team’s lead male, but he could be good.

More Puck next time, please. I mean, come on, how can we not want to see him?

He’s pretty damn good-looking.

Back to Ugly Betty. Anyone else notice the similarities between Finn and Daniel in the two shows?


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