I’m A Terrible Friend

And a bad future aunt. One of my friends is having a baby girl in a few months, and yesterday while my mom and I were in Target getting a new pair of pants for my little sister who spilled vinegar on her pants yesterday (another story, there is never a dull moment with my little sister. Ever.) I found a little baby outfit that was just what I needed to get for my friends little girl.


I’d like to extend my apologies to my friend for getting this for her baby. I couldn’t resist. And I’m sorry for all the future things I will buy that are girly like this. And I’d like to apologize to my little sister for whatever I buy for her children in the future. I can’t help it, the dress just called to me! Told me to buy it for the baby…

It is a little cute, you know.

Pitying my future children as well…

By the way, if anyone has suggestions for other good baby gifts and wedding gifts, put them in the comment section, I’d love the advice.


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