10 Random Things About Me

I’m utterly bored at work right now, so I’m doing this ten things post thing. I found it on http://www.prettyshinysparkly.com It’s something to do besides strain my eyes.

10 Random Things About Me

  1. The only tv show I never fall asleep during is LOST. All other tv shows I watch (CBS Monday Night Comedy, Glee, NCIS, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Grey’s Anatomy, Colbert Report, etc.) I am likely to pass out on the couch during.
  2. I used to be blonde, but got bored and tired of my sallow skin-tone, and dyed it dark.
  3. If I don’t write down things, I will never remember them. Ever.
  4. I read on my Kindle app on my Blackberry (Bold 9700) during church when it gets boring. Yeah, terrible, but short attention span theater. Oh look, a chicken!
  5. When I was about 14 I wanted to be a lawyer, but mostly because I saw Legally Blonde. And then a year or two later realized that I really didn’t want to pursue it, only thought I did because of that movie.
  6. When I was 11 I was on the cover of my city’s weekly newspaper. And I had the worst rats nest ponytail ever. Ever since then I’ve taken care of my hair, or at least put a brush to it before ponytailing it.
  7. I have an incredibly twisted sense of humor. At work I try to keep it quiet, but sometimes Twisted Kati just pops out. Like when I was watching a Jeff Dunham clip yesterday and nearly died laughing at his story of his chihuahua and his daughter pressing the retract button on the dogs leash. I’ll get the link up for those clips tonight at home. So you can all see how twisted I am.
  8. From the time I was 11 to the time I was 13 I had very few friends at school and struggled daily with depression. Which is something not many know about me, because I don’t like talking about it. But hey, I can say what I want here. I think…
  9. If a summer goes by where I don’t read To Kill a Mockingbird, it feels weird. That’s one of my favorite books ever, and the only non-chick-litesque book I read all summer.
  10. I still have *NSYNC on my iPod. I will forever and always love J.C. and Joey. Who by the way was robbed on Dancing With the Stars a few years back (Joey).

Crap. I still have an hour left in this dungeon of work, and I’ve finished the ten things list. Off to write five more blog posts out of sheer boredom!


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