Glee + Madonna = Great Music

So I got to watch the latest episode of Glee last night. The Power of Madonna. Thought it was pretty good. Thought the musical numbers were really good (although lets face it, no one can do better than Madonna at her own music). Still love Vogue. Like a Prayer was beautiful, I loved the choir being in it. Puck talked. But Matt and Mike… still got nothing from them. We see them sing, we see them dance, but I have never heard either of them speak. Ever. I saw Matt mouth words to Mercedes in Sectionals. Mouth words. And shake his head. But never have I heard words escape their lips, except when they’re singing with everyone else so we can’t tell what they sound like. Am I the only person who watches and wants to hear them speak and sing alone?

Okay, on to the rest of it… I think I’ll be saying the same thing about Matt and Mike until they get lines. But Puck sang last night! Alone! A whole verse! I’m sorry to be talking in exclamation points, but boy do I love that man’s voice. Even if he should keep his mouth shut save for when he’s singing. And Sue got burned by Will! Of course it didn’t go so well, seeing as when it comes to hair jokes she’s just slightly, ummm, sensitive…

So what we learned this week on Glee… Finn lost “The Big V”, while Rachel and Emma couldn’t go through with it… and apparently when people do that, they dance around and sing… yeah. Sounds a little crazy, but hey, it’s a musical tv show, anything is possible. Sue encourages her Cheerios to be like Madonna, date younger men, only go by their first name, and a couple dress like her too. It was good to see that Becky was doing pretty good as a Cheerio, and still is just as sweet as she was when she tried out. Rachel couldn’t do it with Jesse while he was still at Carmel, and felt bad to be in a relationship with him, and so he transferred to McKinley High. And challenged Finn to a “sing-off” in the parking lot after school over Rachel. Yeah, you read right… a sing-off. Because all the cool kids are doing that instead of fighting. I wonder if the jocks will slushee Jesse soon. The boys all seemed to be objectifying the girls, Mr. Schue included, which was why he decided, after being inspired by Sue’s cheer routine and her policy to blast Madonna music in the halls, to use Madonna songs for the week’s assignment, so the boys would learn that girls are strong on their own, and not just objects. And while the lesson went clear over Puck’s mohawk, bless his pretty heart, most of them seemed to get the point. Artie got that he shouldn’t have been rude to Tina, telling her to dump the goth look and makeup. And Tina had just snapped at Artie, which killed me. “I’m up here!” Go Tina! Mercedes and Kurt helped film and co-starred in Sue’s Vogue video, and in return they got to sing 4 Minutes, and do a routine with the Cheerios, they’re now members of both New Directions and Cheerios. They need to shine too! They both have great voices, but something tells me Sue will do something crazy with this. It’s Sue. And the big finale number was Like a Prayer, done beautifully. Kurt had the clearest voice in his part of that song. Goosebumps. And like I said already, loved the choir singing it with them.

The best thing about this episode for me was the music. Everything was done well, and funny. I wanted to slap Santana through a lot of this episode, like last episode. But I enjoyed it enough to watch it again tonight.

And I cannot wait for next week’s episode… rumor has it that Kristin Chenoweth will be back! Um, SQUEEEEEEing with excitement if that’s true!


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