Two Things Today

First, and most important, thank you to all those who have served in America’s Armed Forces, those who are at this moment serving, and to all the families. This country wouldn’t be without all of you.

Second, my heart today goes out today to Jorge Garcia, who had his sweet little doggy die in his arms today after she was  struck by a car. I’m so sorry. Losing a pet is always a sad thing, and to have the pet struck by a vehicle is a heartbreaking experience.

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Post on other things to come later, but those two were the most important to say.


Okay, so my last post was this:

Since then I have read a few spoilers, looks like it’s a Puck and Finn song. Ugh. I love you Puck, really, I do. But I wish it was Matt or Mike actually getting a song.

Hello, producers? Writers? ANYONE?! I want to hear these two guys sing. I’m kind of, well, tired of Finn singing. I always love a Puck song. But I want a Matt song or a Mike song! Can you make it happen in Season 2 please? Okay, thank you.

Oh, thanks for actually giving Matt his first line in the whole series last night. And thanks for letting Mike have a line too last night. But let’s get them a storyline maybe?

Help Me Out Gleeks!

Okay, so I’ve heard a song that’s going to be on an episode of Glee the first week of June, “Loser”. Sounds pretty good. But here’s the problem: I cannot place the singer in this song. It’s male. But it doesn’t sound like Finn, Puck, Kurt, Artie, or Will. Could this be the elusive voice of Matt or Mike coming to sing? Here’s a link to the song on YouTube:

Anyone recognize the voice? I can’t figure out who it is at all. Help!

Okay, it might be Will, but I can dream, okay?

Help Please!

Yeah, I came in to open my window today, and look at what got on the inside of my window from the huge hole in the screen:

Someone help me get it gone please. I have this thing against stinging insects… I don’t like them. I prefer others to kill them so I don’t get stung. Where’s a man when I need one?

Glee- Home and Bad Reputation

So really, I was going to do this last week, but it was just one of those weeks where I’d get home and be so tired I could barely look at a computer screen. So I’m doing these now before I watch the new episode of Glee. Sorry, they’re going to be short. Just a what I thought and what stood out.

So we start with Home. Which had Kristin Chenoweth in it. So we start out in Sue Sylvester’s office, with Kurt and Mercedes having a meeting with her. Apparently a reporter from Splits Magazine is going to be coming to the school soon to interview and take pictures, as Sue has been named Cheerleading Coach of the last 2000 years. Um, wow. And she’s worried about Mercedes wearing track suits and not the “standard” Cheerio’s! uniform. She wants her to go on a diet for the next few days and be wearing the skirt and top uniform of the Cheerio’s! by the time the reporter comes. She’d also prefer it if Kurt lost a few too. Nice. And then we go to Will heading over to Sue wanting to know why the auditorium is padlocked. Sue needs it, duh. So there we have two of the three main points of the episode. The other one is revealed to be that Kurt’s dad is dating Finn’s mom. And Kurt wants Finn’s opinion of how to decorate his room, since he plans on sharing a room with Finn very soon. This is gonna end good.

Through this episode we see Mercedes struggle with loosing the weight required by Sue, a comic gem from Brittany once again (I think my cat’s been reading my diary) and we also get to see what goes into the Sue Sylvester Master Cleanse. I don’t remember what’s in it, but it sounds disgusting. But Santana and Brittany encourage Mercedes to do what it takes to stay in Cheerio’s!. Of course as the episode progresses, she doesn’t really lose much. Becky lost a few pounds, and Sue congratulates her for her “assimilating beautifully”, but then tells Mercedes she gained two pounds. Ouch. Mercedes has to lose more, since Sue is all about losing and wearing a regular uniform.

Through the rest of this episode from Mercedes point seems to deal with her struggle in this area. She even goes so far as to not eat anything and pass out in the cafeteria, where Quinn comes in and talks with her about confidence, how she didn’t have the ability herself to eat properly and care for herself, only after she got pregnant did she find it. It’s a nice scene between the two. Mercedes storyline for the episode ends with her singing Beautiful at the big assembly with the Splits magazine reporter there. She gets basically the entire school invovled in it, and it even impresses the reporter, who wrongly thinks it was Sue’s doing.

Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad are dating, and they feel differently about it. Kurt set them up, and at first is all for it, talking about how they’ll be sharing a room soon, and Kurt hates it, hates his mom selling all of his dad’s furniture, and stopping her from selling the chair. Then Kurt doesn’t like it either, seeing how well Finn and Burt can get along, and he feels left out, since they talk sports. They devise a plan to split the two of them up, but it doesn’t work, and Finn and Carol talk about it a little. I’m rooting for Burt and Carol, they both deserve happiness since losing their spouses and missing them so much. Carol talking to her husbands ashes just hurts, you see how much she misses him. In the end, Burt comes over to the Hudson house and he and Finn have a bit of time talking and watching a Duke game, bonding over how they both hate Duke. And there’s Kurt, standing outside watching them. Um, did no one think to call Kurt and have him come over?

And then we have wonderful April Rhodes. When we last saw April, her plans were to get sobered up and head to Branson for work. But she was so excited about it, she had to get a drink to calm down, and ended up staying at the bar for a while, till she met an old guy who owned strip malls, became his mistress, and is now running a Caberet Skating Rink in Lima. I love April. First thing she says to Will is “I just had a sex dream about you!” Girl is ten kinds of crazy. Like what Brittany could become… you know, dolphins being gay sharks and all. Will gets to rent out the skating rink for Glee to practice, and April comes over to his place to check out his apartment. Which results in big musical number, One Less Bell to Answer/A House is not a Home. Although, um, how big is Will’s apartment if they never walk by each other while singing for the first bit of the song? He’s walking all around the place and never runs into her! And April apparently has night terrors, and keeps Will awake all night kicking him. He later encourages her to not be the guys mistress and make something of herself the way he knows she can, so she goes and dumps the guy, who dies and she gets a couple million as a settlement. She gives some of the money to Glee Club, buying the auditorium for them, so it is now the April Rhodes Civic Pavillion. And the final number of the show is sung, Home, with Miss Kristin hitting a gorgeous high note. LOVE!

Great episode, and great music, especially anything with the wonderful Kristin. Although Kurts rendition of A House is not a Home could have been better, had Finn not sung. I’m sorry Finn, you do good sometimes, but this song was not made for your rougher voice. It was born for Kurt though. But that’s why I didn’t download it from iTunes, just didn’t like it enough. But I loved Home, Fire, and One Less Bell to Answer/A House is not a Home. Adored them. It may have had something to do with Kristin. And Mercedes did a fantastic job with Beautiful.  You look great girl!

Okay, on to Bad Reputation. And need I say it? Let’s get physical, physical. Ahem. Sorry. So Kurt finds a copy of Sue dancing to Olivia Newton-John’s Physical in her desk, and while he and some of the Glee club watch it, Finn gets the idea to post it on youtube, pretty sure it’ll be viral by lunchtime. Well duh. While some of the other clubbers are sure it’ll be a bad thing, Jesse says they need to do something badass. And so up it goes. And viral it becomes. And Sue finds out by being joked about by students. And then she finds a Glist. With Quinn up as the hottest and Rachel at a -5. Ouch. Principal Figgins wants Will to find out who made the list within a week, or he will hand out consequences. Emma finds out about what Will has been doing with other ladies, and confronts him for it. Sue handles getting laughed at. And Rachel makes a video that she thinks will help her reputation, but we all know how that can turn out.

For the Glist, Will “interviews” all of the club, trying to be tough, but no one seems phased, and everyone blames someone else, and Kurt wants to know if Will has been watching too many cop shows recently. Oh, and Brittany doesn’t know how to turn on a computer. Comic gems, I tell you.

The song assignment for the week is to find bad reputation songs and bring them back, starting with Vanilla Ice’s Ice, Ice Baby. Yeah, I know. Surprisingly, it works well, and the whole club has fun with it. And Mike shouts “OOOOOH!” We heard him!!!! Now all we need is real lines, a solo and lines and a solo for Matt. And I just noticed that both Matt and Shannon from LOST share the same last name, Rutherford. Weird… Ahem. Sorry. I heard that Brittany and Santana will be getting main cast billing next season. How about that for Matt and Mike, guys? Kurt, Tina, Artie, Brittany, and Mercedes choose U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer, and they’re going to perform in the library, because it might add to their numbers on the Glist, Brittany is upset to not be in the top tier of people on the Glist, and the rest because they didn’t even make the Glist. And Brittany also because she took all her cold meds at once for her cold and couldn’t remember how to get out of the choir room when they were doing planning, so she got involved.

And Rachel chooses Run Joey Run, and Puck, Finn, and Jesse will all star in it, along with Sandy Ryerson as her father. She did this video to try and up her reputation, but in the end all that happens is she upsets all three guys who played her love interest and gets dumped by Jesse.

Because of Sue getting mocked by everyone, teachers and students alike (new-comer Molly Shannon as Brenda Castle calls her an embarassment, and that’s from a teacher who had a drug problem and involved a few students.) she talks with her sister, Jean, who reminds her that when they were young, anytime something upsetting happened to Jean, they’d volunteer at the animal shelter, since it always made them remember that someone had it worse than they do. So Sue uses this and helps Emma with her problems, specifically that Will has been a jerk behind her back. Having April over, making out with Shelby. Yeah, and Emma doesn’t exactly react to that news with happiness. Of course, neither would I. She confronts Will in the teachers lounge, and yells at him for his being a jerk, and then calls him a slut so everyone else will know what he is. Go Emma!!!! Of course, later on he tries to apologize, and gives her flowers, but he doesn’t get her as completely back as he’d like to have, it seems. And in the Sue troubles, she gets a call from Ms. Olivia Newton-John herveryownself, who wants her to do a reshoot of the Physical video with her (Ms. Olivia).  So they do a reshoot, which had some good lookin’ guys in it, by the way, and she gets her successful self back, in time to not absolutely kill Kurt for being the one who stole the video. Which was a backfire for Kurt and Co., who told her to boost themselves on the GList.  They don’t get the boost. And Sue very maturely showed all the teachers that she was back on top… by shoving charts in their faces. Hey, whatever works.

After Will left Emma’s office, he almost instantly realizes it was Quinn who put out the GList, seeing her in the hallway, as the ignored pregnant girl. He pulls her into the choir room to talk to her about it, and after she confesses, Figgins comes in asking if he’s had any success finding anyone, and not only does Will cover for Quinn, he calls Figgins off the search, and gets the GList problem gone. I guess he too can be a good guy sometimes.

And we have the big show-stopper final number of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Did anyone else think it looked like Jesse was contemplating snapping Rachel’s neck while dancing in that song? That was just my thoughts? Okay. Knew I was twisted.

So those are the basics. I think. Good episode. Not as good as Home, but then again it didn’t have Ms. Kristin Chenoweth in it. And she is awesome.

Coming up later, Laryngitis and Dream On. With NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!! SQUEEEEEEE. He’s definitely got me just as excited as Kristin did. I can’t wait to see him singing and dancing (I watch Glee Wednesday nights, since I watch LOST on Tuesday at this point. Until next week. When the LOST finale has happened and there will be such a tv show void I don’t know what I’ll do.)

Okay, over the for the review of a couple LOST episodes. Keep Gleeking!

I Succumbed!

So it’s been an exhausting few weeks, as I’ve mentioned recently. And Saturday on has been just as crazy. I dropped my lovely BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Saturday afternoon on my entryway floor. And it all of the sudden had a white screen with a grey line down the middle. Yeah, I cracked the screen on my 5 month old BlackBerry! And AT&T would only give me a new one for $450. Yeah, I’m on a student salary, I have two student loans I’m paying, $450 is like a paycheck for me. So I looked around ebay and sites like that. And found nothing. And I had to go to jury duty Monday morning. Without a phone. Yeah. I wasn’t happy about this. So Monday morning came, and there I was in Upper Marlboro at the courthouse for a day of fun and excitement at jury duty. My dad let me use his Motorola Karma, so that helped. Although I didn’t have my music on there. I got out of jury duty near noon, YAY!!! And then I had to go on the Metro with no music, since I wasn’t allowed to bring my iPod. Speaking of the Metro, did anyone hear about the guy who just sat down on a Red Line train and died. Yup. I probably rode with him when I was heading into Silver Spring. Eek! So yeah, down to Silver Spring, really missing my phone. Lunch at Panera (I love the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich!), and then over to see Robin Hood at the Majestic down on Ellsworth. Which was a totally delightful experience altogether. Kevin Durand, epic battle scenes, Kevin Durand… yeah, I liked the movie. Russell Crowe was pretty good too, I guess. Was kind of busy watching for Mr. Durand. And then over to Grandma’s for the weekly dinner (she likes to have Monday night dinner, it makes her happy, so I go and eat. I like to make my grandma happy.), and then more phone searching online to no avail. Really, all of this does have a point. And it does relate to the title of the post. Just scroll to the end if you’re bored. After you understand that I have always said I don’t need an iPhone, I have an iPod, why get another one that I might break. Okay, now if you’re bored, scroll to the end, you’ll see the point.

So Tuesday my dad said he’d take me to the AT&T store (I’m on his plan, I’d need him to come with me. It’s more affordable, okay?!). Get through studying (Wedding and Event Coordination), and we head off the AT&T in Greenbelt. The guy at the store says there’s nothing they can do to lower the cost for a new BlackBerry, it’s $450. I can’t really buy a gophone, I have that whole Data Plan thing I can’t really get out of paying. And no, I didn’t get insurance, they don’t exactly do much more than get money and not help, from everyone I’ve heard from who had it. So then the guy looks to see what else I can do, and apparently I can get an iPhone upgrade for $300. It’s $150 less than my BlackBerry would have been. And I’d be using a data plan, so I wouldn’t be paying for a charge I’m not using. On the same plan and pricing I pay every month now. So all my “I don’t need an iPhone” talk suddenly got thrown out the window. I succumbed to the iPhone. And a super protective case, because this costs $500 to replace. I. Will. Not. Break. It! Especially since I’m already addicted to the thing. The touchscreen is easy, and it’s nice to have all my iTunes on one device, instead of on an iPod and a BlackBerry. So there you go, Apple, you have won me to yet another product. Congrats. Anyone need a BlackBerry Bold 9700 skin in Pink or White? I have them, and they’re of no use to me anymore. Just put it in the comment section if you need/want/crave one. I have one in Pink and one in White, so it’d be first dibs.

I succumbed to the iPhone world. And I’ll never be the same.

And one of these days, things will calm down and I’ll get the Glee posts up here, and the LOST posts up on the other site (