I have an announcement, ladies and gentlemen. For weeks, I’ve been talking about Matt and Mike from Glee. Well, on this weeks episode of Glee, Mike Chang shouted “OOOOOOH” while dancing and singing in “Ice, Ice Baby”. All by himself. We heard the voice of Mike Chang! Oh. My. God. It worked!!!! Mike had a line! Now to push on for Matt to say something, and Mike to have more. He has a deep voice. Just so you all know.

And as a reminder of who I’m talking about:

Mike Chang

He’s kinda cute, too… 😉

Will discuss the whole episode later. Still recovering from Jin and Sun and Sayid and Lapidus’ demise last night on LOST. It was sad.

Woo hoo!

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4 thoughts on “IT WORKED!!!!!

  1. hahah Nice!!! I am so ready for LOST in a little bit. I am a bit nervous too. Yea I usually catch up on Glee on hulu. Yea Mike never has lines. he needs more. But I do love the crazy blond cheerleader! obvious but funny.


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