It’s This Guy’s Fault

Okay, so I’m really trying to get the Glee post up. And I was going to have them up, but then a movie came on last Sunday. And it’s been all downhill from there. But I’m almost done with the post, I think, so it’ll be up soon I hope.

Unless I get another distraction from this guy:

Stop distracting me. Jerk.

So assuming no specials come on HBO or Comedy Central, I’ll get the post out.

Image from


2 thoughts on “It’s This Guy’s Fault

    • No, I just got distracted by a movie from a few years ago he was in that aired on Comedy Central a few Sundays ago, right when I was writing a post, and then the rest of the week was downhill from there.

      That and I may or may not get distracted by thinking he looks good. But I can neither confirm nor deny it. 😉

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