I Succumbed!

So it’s been an exhausting few weeks, as I’ve mentioned recently. And Saturday on has been just as crazy. I dropped my lovely BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Saturday afternoon on my entryway floor. And it all of the sudden had a white screen with a grey line down the middle. Yeah, I cracked the screen on my 5 month old BlackBerry! And AT&T would only give me a new one for $450. Yeah, I’m on a student salary, I have two student loans I’m paying, $450 is like a paycheck for me. So I looked around ebay and sites like that. And found nothing. And I had to go to jury duty Monday morning. Without a phone. Yeah. I wasn’t happy about this. So Monday morning came, and there I was in Upper Marlboro at the courthouse for a day of fun and excitement at jury duty. My dad let me use his Motorola Karma, so that helped. Although I didn’t have my music on there. I got out of jury duty near noon, YAY!!! And then I had to go on the Metro with no music, since I wasn’t allowed to bring my iPod. Speaking of the Metro, did anyone hear about the guy who just sat down on a Red Line train and died. Yup. I probably rode with him when I was heading into Silver Spring. Eek! So yeah, down to Silver Spring, really missing my phone. Lunch at Panera (I love the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich!), and then over to see Robin Hood at the Majestic down on Ellsworth. Which was a totally delightful experience altogether. Kevin Durand, epic battle scenes, Kevin Durand… yeah, I liked the movie. Russell Crowe was pretty good too, I guess. Was kind of busy watching for Mr. Durand. And then over to Grandma’s for the weekly dinner (she likes to have Monday night dinner, it makes her happy, so I go and eat. I like to make my grandma happy.), and then more phone searching online to no avail. Really, all of this does have a point. And it does relate to the title of the post. Just scroll to the end if you’re bored. After you understand that I have always said I don’t need an iPhone, I have an iPod, why get another one that I might break. Okay, now if you’re bored, scroll to the end, you’ll see the point.

So Tuesday my dad said he’d take me to the AT&T store (I’m on his plan, I’d need him to come with me. It’s more affordable, okay?!). Get through studying (Wedding and Event Coordination), and we head off the AT&T in Greenbelt. The guy at the store says there’s nothing they can do to lower the cost for a new BlackBerry, it’s $450. I can’t really buy a gophone, I have that whole Data Plan thing I can’t really get out of paying. And no, I didn’t get insurance, they don’t exactly do much more than get money and not help, from everyone I’ve heard from who had it. So then the guy looks to see what else I can do, and apparently I can get an iPhone upgrade for $300. It’s $150 less than my BlackBerry would have been. And I’d be using a data plan, so I wouldn’t be paying for a charge I’m not using. On the same plan and pricing I pay every month now. So all my “I don’t need an iPhone” talk suddenly got thrown out the window. I succumbed to the iPhone. And a super protective case, because this costs $500 to replace. I. Will. Not. Break. It! Especially since I’m already addicted to the thing. The touchscreen is easy, and it’s nice to have all my iTunes on one device, instead of on an iPod and a BlackBerry. So there you go, Apple, you have won me to yet another product. Congrats. Anyone need a BlackBerry Bold 9700 skin in Pink or White? I have them, and they’re of no use to me anymore. Just put it in the comment section if you need/want/crave one. I have one in Pink and one in White, so it’d be first dibs.

I succumbed to the iPhone world. And I’ll never be the same.

And one of these days, things will calm down and I’ll get the Glee posts up here, and the LOST posts up on the other site (http://lovesteamykeamy.wordpress.com).


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