Help Me Out Gleeks!

Okay, so I’ve heard a song that’s going to be on an episode of Glee the first week of June, “Loser”. Sounds pretty good. But here’s the problem: I cannot place the singer in this song. It’s male. But it doesn’t sound like Finn, Puck, Kurt, Artie, or Will. Could this be the elusive voice of Matt or Mike coming to sing? Here’s a link to the song on YouTube:

Anyone recognize the voice? I can’t figure out who it is at all. Help!

Okay, it might be Will, but I can dream, okay?


7 thoughts on “Help Me Out Gleeks!

  1. that’s got me thinking…. I wanna say Will, but, his voice is a different pitch. Um, THAT DUDE RACHEL WENT TO VISIT!!! that handicap one?

  2. I have no idea…sounds so so different than everyones! Ok was last night gaga?! I fell a little behind while finishing up Lost. But last night I watched on hulu and the last one they had was with Neil Patrick Harris so what was last nights?


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