Really Barry?*

So I’m manning my department’s front desk for the next few weeks, while the rest of the office is down in Atlanta for a big conference. Which means I take messages. Guy calls up, we’ll call him Barry, for privacy’s sake I won’t say the real name. When he called, I was doing a tour (yeah, my department at work does tours, and I get the joy of doing that while they’re all away. I had a big tour of 80 people the other day, but that’s a whole different story.) So Barry leaves his message, and throughout the whole thing he’s talking. at. this. pace. Maybe even slower. Through the whole thing… until he gets to leaving his phone number. Then he startstalkingatthispace. Probably faster. “If. you. could. give. me. a. call. my. number. is. 12345354623.” Barry, I have one request for you and all the other Barrys out there. Please, give the number at a pace that people like me who don’t write super fast can still manage to get the number down on the first try and not have to re-listen to the message fifty times. I don’t got time for that dude! Okay, <end rant>

That long awaited Glee post is coming soon, I promise!

* – Names have been changed.


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