The Hole has Been Filled

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So how many of the readers out there used to have a subscription to Domino Magazine? How many would pick it up on the newstand when they could find it? How may have felt a void, a hole, an empty spot, since Conde Nast brought Domino to the chopping block? Have wondered where they will ever find something like Domino again? Well, I think I found something. Okay. Domino was a great Shelter Magazine from 2005 to 2009 published by Conde Nast. I have been stalking copies of it on eBay from the moment it folded, since I only started subscribing to the magazine in 2007. It had some great stuff in it, and unlike some other shelter mags (such as Metropolitan Home, which I do like to flip through. My uncle used to get sent that magazine because of his contracting work, and he wouldn’t ever read it, but he did give them to me.) it features many things that you could actually afford from places like Target or Pottery Barn or West Elm, not “oh I like that rug. But I think I’ll have to win the lottery to get one like it… nevermind.” It was “oh I like that rug. Hey cool, you can get it at Target! Sweet!” and you have a new rug. And then it folded thanks to the depressing recession. They did get one book out, Domino Book of Decorating, which I own and will use when I am decorating my first place not known as a dorm room. And then it will go on my coffee table. Here’s the book:

And that’s actual Degournay wallpaper on the cover… if anyone knows where I could find a swatch… yeah, I like that wallpaper. And I’m more of a paint the wall kinda girl.

And while I’m glad to have my copies of the magazine and the book, I miss getting a new Domino every month and looking through it. I probably would have used them to decorate many different places in any home I was in. But it’s been gone. And I’ve been searching for a replacement. And ladies and gentlemen, after a year of searching, scouring, and buying other shelter mags that just depressed me, I have an important announcement! I think I have found one to fill the void. No, it’s not Domino. But it’s made by some former Domino Staffers. It’s a web published magazine called lonny ( I think it’s filling the void.

Just thought I would share in case any of the other Domino lovers out there are still trying to find something like Domino, or are reading other magazines and feeling depressed. It’s great!

Oh, and if you ever want to be a person I will think is awesome forever and ever without, send me old issues of Domino, and you will have awesome status forever. Trust me on that one.

And by the way, I totally want this Ikea pendant from this month’s lonny: It’s awesome.

lonny mag image from

And I’m sure others have heard of this already. Somehow I just didn’t find it until now. I’m just fantastically quick like that.

Not trying to steal images, I just can’t always get good ones. I always give credit.


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