Any Suggestions?

Okay, guys, time to hopefully pick some brains for help here (that sounds really nasty, but I’m hoping you know what I mean). So for the past few months my hair has changed from soft and a little crazy to a nasty grease ball on top of my head. The roots and scalp are disgustingly greasy. It’s not cool. I’ve tried quite a few different shampoos to clear it (Aussie’s Cleanse and Mend, Nexxus Gentle Clarifying, and some other drugstore brand that I can’t even remeber the name of), and the only one that has slightly worked is Aussie Cleanse and Mend. However even that one doesn’t work great, by the afternoon, I’m back to grease ball status. It’s annoying, it looks like I don’t take care of myself, and if I don’t wash my hair every night, it’s even worse. I color my hair, but I’ve done that for nearly two years. I stopped using all other styling products and only use a small amount conditioner on the ends of my hair, seeing as it really only happens on my scalp and roots. I’m looking to use Frederick Fekkai’s Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo, but just wondering, in case anyone knows, how does that work with colored hair if used every day? Does it strip the color from the hair, or only slightly dull it (that’s okay, the color can be a little too intese at first)? If anyone out there knows, or has a better suggestion, help!

Update: Figured the problem out… I have way too much hair… do the “rinse, lather, repeat” thing three or so times, and I’ve got my clean hair back… I need a haircut. And boy am I glad I didn’t by the 8oz. bottle of $23 shampoo from Frederick Fekkai. That would put a huge dent in my money, and I need that for the room redecoration project I’m on now. And thanks for the suggestion, Sprocket.


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