It’s been Slow.

Okay, I know I haven’t been around much this summer. It’s been so crazy that I just haven’t had the energy. I’ll start getting some more posts up soon, things just have to get a little calmer first. I miss you!

A Double Review- Benefit’s The Porefessional and Hoola Bronzer

So I don’t usually do reviews here, but I think this time I’ll make an exception. Let’s start with The Porefessional.

So I have a lovely T-Zone that’s nice and oily, and the pores there are just so dramatic and showy, I just love it… Oh, wait, no I don’t. I had read about this product, and read multiple reviews for the product, but I still was not totally convinced it would actually do anything. And then last Friday, I looked in the mirror, and noticed just how bad those lovely pores of mine looked that day. It scared me, and I practically ran to the Sephora website (love, love, LOVE Sephora!) to buy a tube. I got it in the mail yesterday, and the second I got it out of the envelope it came in I put it on that problematic T-Zone to give it a test run. Checked back in the mirror a little while later before going out to celebrate my granny’s birthday, and nearly fell over from the shock of seeing such a difference. The “smaller” of my problem pores were gone, and the larger ones had shrunk a considerable amount! And it felt so smooth going on that I loved it. I used it again today, and the same results are happening, although I have to reapply every once in a while. I’m gonna buy another tube to keep at my desk at work, it’s fabulous! A small tube, but a little goes a long way. Great product, I’m so glad it worked for me.

Okay, on to Hoola Bronzer. I got a small sample of this in my awesome Benefit Sunday Funday Maggie palette that I got a while back (I recommend this palette and the Scene Queen Annie palette, too. In Sunday Funday you get four eyeshadows, a small thing of Hoola, a little thing of the Benetint cheek and lip stain, a Toasty Eyeliner, and a thing of rosy lipgloss; and in the Scene Queen you get four eyeshadows, a small thing of their Coralista blush, a little thing of High Beam luminizer, a black eyeliner, and a thing of coral lipgloss), and I decided to try the bronzer. I’ve never really been a bronzer fan. I’m fair, and bronzers on me tend to look fake and orangey, especially those ones with shimmer or glitter (don’t get me wrong, I love shimmer and glitter in some things, but not bronzer). After going through a string of really bad bronzers, I just decided to give them up altogether, believing I was never going to find one that worked… this was before I discovered that the makeup I got from Sephora lasted longer on my face. I. Love. Hoola. It’s a nice light bronzer, just a little sweep of it goes a long way for me, and the best part: it’s a matte bronzer. It actually looks really nice on my fair skin, and natural looking. I can actually wear a bronzer and look good now! Yay! It’s another product I absolutely recommend.

Between these two products, I do believe that Benefit has made a true believer out of me. Next I’m trying out their Hello Flawless! And there’s a story behind that one too…

Let me know if you liked the review post, or if you can do without them. I just wanted to say what I had to say.