When Birds Can Fly!

So I’m finally back from my long hiatus that was unplanned, and I’ll be sharing a high school story that thankfully was not my embarassment, but someone elses’. I recently joined facebook (God help me, I resisted for so long), along with twitter and youtube. All my resistance ended on an assignment for school, but that’s another story. And in the little “friend suggestion” box, there was a name that brought back a funny high school memory. We’ll call him Max, although that’s not his real name, just to save him a little face, bless his heart. I haven’t seen him in years, he was only at the high school I went to for one year, left after that, but this story affected me and many other people so profoundly that we used it as senior quotes in our yearbook three years later. Disclaimer, I was not present when this happened, sadly.

So apparently Max and this other guy were getting into an argument one day in a class, who was right on something stated in the lesson. Eventually the entertainment value of Max trying to be the smarter one against one of the Smart Ones in our class, so the teacher broke the argument up. The other guy stated, “Well, at least my comment will always be smarter than yours.” And dear, sweet, not always so bright Max retorted with all sorts of tones, “Your comment will be smarter than mine when BIRDS CAN FLY!” Uuuuuum, yeah. The entire class busted out laughing at that one, because, well (please say that “well” as Samantha from Bewitched always says “well”), how could you not? And by the beginning of the next class, everybody knew, and lucky, lucky me, I had a class with our dear Max! I hadĀ found out about it from one of my friends who had been in that class who came running up to me to tell me about it before our next class. So what did I do? Well, it’s the only logical answer, what I did… I made fun of him, mocked him, because I couldn’t help it. I went over to the window in the classroom and called him over, “Hey, Max. Look up there Max, whaddya see? Up there in that blue sky? Oh. My. God. IT’S BIRDS!!! AND THEY’RE FLYING!!! Did you ever imagine?” Of course Max thanked me for my kind observations and we all went to sit down. And then more people gave him grief about his brilliant statement because we couldn’t help it. It was so fun. And Max, wherever you are today, I hope you’re looking up at the sky, and seeing those birds flying everywhere.

Hope I didn’t bore you too much with that story, but I just felt I had to share it with everyone. You’re welcome. I know everyone wanted that.