One of Those Summers.

So it’s been a summer. We recently went from a 5 day work week to a 4 day one, and while I’ll be the first to say that I loooove having Fridays off, the rest of the workweek is brutal. I’ll let you know how it goes, so you can see how much you cherish your 7:30 wakeup (in my mind, everyone except those who work where I do get to wake up at 7:30. Just indulge me for now.)

5:30am: Two alarms go off at once, one right next to my bed, and the more annoying one across the room, forcing me to get up. The more annoying one would be my iPhone alarm, which I have set to play Glee’s version of Any Way You Want It/Loving, Touching, Squeezing; which is loud, perky, and all I want to do is TURNITOFFTURNITOFFTURNITOFF!!!! But hey, it gets me out of bed on time.

5:32am: Haul cookies into the bathroom for skincare routine of the morning. A quick facewash, slap some eye cream and moisturizer on, I’m on a split-second schedule.

5:37am: Back in my room, making myself presentable for work. Makeup, hair, debating on what outfit to wear.

6:17am: Haul downstairs to help make breakfast and have the blessed liquid of the earth, coffee, the only thing that makes the early time easier.

6:45am: Back upstairs, brush teeth and rush through getting dressed.

7:00am: Out the door, probably running to get there, because no matter what I do, I’m still running late (I defy my family’s reputation of always being on time! I’m the bad one.)

7:30am-5:30pm: Work. Watch the clock. Wish for naps. And that my office had a coffee machine. Or that I could use my dang French press mug without making my coffee taste like dishwater. Or that a kind soul would bring me coffee. Especially if it was a good-looking male kind soul. Especially one that, to borrow the Pioneer Woman’s phrase, makes my hiney cringe a little (yeah, that phrase makes me laugh each time, which is good for the long days.).

5:30pm: Leave! Clock out and do a happy dance, but only a small one, because I’m dang tired.

6:00pm: Home. Couch. Sleep.

9:00pm: Drag myself through a workout, because I should. But that doesn’t always happen. The best of intentions can get sucked away by my comfy couch.

11:00pm: Skincare, shower. Curse being so tired. Crash into bed as soon as finished. And set those dang alarms. Unless it’s Thursday night, then it’s make sure that the iPhone is on silent and the big clock is not turned on for an alarm.

I love my Fridays of sleeping in though.

And there were other things this summer. There was holding down the office while everyone else was in Atlanta for G.C. Session. Giving tours of the White Estate to lots and lots and lots of people daily, many of whom don’t speak English and me unaccomplished in other languages. There was filling in when the secretary for the head of my department went to work for another person, and I started doing lots more than normal.

There was cracking my rib last month or was it July? All I remember is I walked into the bathroom at work one morning, put my purse down on the counter, felt a severe pain shooting up my back, went up to my mom’s office (yeah, I work in the same building as my mom. It’s awesome. My mom’s cool.), where she sent me to the office nurse, because I looked like, as she later put it on facebook, spoilt pudding, kind of greenish-grayish with pain. The nurse and one of the doctors (this is a health department, there are doctors) came in and started doing as much of a checkout as they should, which included squeezing my ribs, which nearly made me scream out in pain. They then sent me to an Urgent Care Clinic for an X-Ray.  Waited two hours for the X-Ray tech to get to the office, read a book on my Kindle app while waiting. And cursed the X-Ray tech for taking their sweet time, I was in pain! I wanted meds! But I had to wait until the doctor had seen me to take any, so they could tell just how much pain there was. X-Ray showed the tiniest hairline fracture at that time, and I was told to take Advil. Which helped. Went to babysit for a friend (when I give my word, I keep it unless I’m sick or something is broken), all I did while there was sit on the couch with my charge and watch tv, and order pizza for the two of us. And then put said charge to bed. And sit on the couch in pain, wishing that I knew how on earth I cracked my freakin’ rib… Went to bed with a sleep aid (hey, I was in too much pain to sleep easy, it hurt), and took the next day off to just sit and heal. Went to the doctor in the afternoon, where he both examines me fully for this crack, and looks at my X-Rays and sends them over to the radiologist. Neither of them can find the crack now. So apparently it ended up a pulled muscle, but, and I don’t do too much religious talk here, but I’m going with miracles happen on this one. Because it hurt to so much as breathe the day before, and to now have it be not much at all? Something happened.

There was other stuff this summer. Getting Season 6 of LOST on DVD, hanging out with friends, working hard. I got my certification in Wedding and Event Planning, so I’m a professional now, lemme know if you need a party planned. 😉 It was a good summer, but I don’t think I want next summer to be the exact same. There are a few things I don’t wish to have a repeat of.

Let’s see what other posts I can get out.

Hope you weren’t too bored there.

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