Bloggers Do It Better: Color Blocking!

So I decided to do the Bloggers Do It Better Project by, mostly because I needed something to do. I’m reapplying to a school and facing some of my biggest fears right now, and at this moment am in the waiting for a yes or no from this school period (come on, admission board, it’s been TWO WEEKS! You’re killing me!), so I needed something to keep my mind busy, and this seemed perfect. Thanks PSS! So here’s my Colorblocking assignment.

I had a little trouble deciding what to do in colorblocking. It wasn’t a debate for me on the two choices we got, Colorblocking or Bold Horizontal Stripes. This girl does not do stripes. Nope. So I picked the blocking. This is putting together colors near each other on the color wheel in an outfit. After standing at my closet going “What can I use?” I finally decided on an outfit of green top and blue bottom, with yellow shoes.

Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT, Skirt: Handmade by my Grandma! ā¤ Shoes: Bakers Necklace: For Love 21 Umbrella: Target

It was grey out today, but I figured that it would be even better for these colors to really pop. Of course, it never stopped raining, so I had to add in the umbrella. I was wishing for a yellow one, but oh well.

Weird Angle? I think so.

Nope, don’t remember where I got that belt. Had it for so long.

My shoes. My namesake. Theyre named Katy. Only difference is I spell my name Kati

I love these shoes more than basically any other summer sandal I own. They’re high, even though from the angle they’re at they don’t look it. They’re around 5 1/2 inches, with a 3/4 inch platform. They’re bright. They’re comfy thanks to the platform. And they make my legs look fabulous (if I do say so my very own self)! You can see more pictures of these shoes and a post about them here.

And that’s my Colorblocking post. Thanks to my awesome little sister for helping me with some of the shots! Love ya girl!

And thanks to PSS for this great idea. It’s fun already!

Me and my sister/photographer

If you haven’t checked out yet, go. And here’s the link to the Color Blocking Post on her site. Now. It’s fun. Seriously, go check it out!


5 thoughts on “Bloggers Do It Better: Color Blocking!

    • Thanks! That’s the only way you’ll ever see me wearing yellow. It’s not a good clothing color, but shoes; I own two pairs of bright yellow shoes. šŸ™‚

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