Mascara Test: Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume

ImageSo today I started the mascara test I was talking about yesterday. I have a bunch of sample mascara’s I’ve gotten recently, and decided to go through them, trying each one, reviewing them, and finding which one I liked best. I started with the Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume, and oh man, it was great.

I prefer a “wetter” formula of mascara to a “dry” one, because with the dry formulas, you’re going to almost always get clumpy lashes no matter what you do. And while I like having volume, I don’t like having clumpy volume. The formula for this is the perfect wet. It’s enough that it doesn’t go on dry, but not so much that it takes forever to dry, and blinking will cause smear.

I like to have curled lashes, and one of the things I loved most about my Falsies Flared was that it curled my lashes without my having to use a lash curler, saving me a few seconds. I think if I end up with this as the mascara, I’ll have to curl them beforehand, because I didn’t really see too much curl. But that’s the closest thing to a con I’ve really found.

Let’s talk staying power. I’ll show you two pictures, one taken earlier this morning and one taken tonight. I put my makeup on at 6 this morning, and took the first picture around nine this morning. I took the second picture around nine this evening. So you should get a good idea of the staying power from that.


9:00 am picture


9:00 pm picture

That’s some serious staying power. I hope I can get it off tonight. This was through the whole day, plus a 40 minute walk at lunchtime. I’m impressed by staying power. That alone might make me buy this one.

The brush is a nice big one with a tapered end:


And the cost from Sephora is $24.

On a scale of 1-10, including everything I’ve discussed, I’d give it a solid 9. The staying power really impressed me, but it’s expensive, and I would probably need to curl my lashes to get the curl I want. But it does give me an impression of a lot of lashes.

Alright, until tomorrow! I’ll be trying Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara tomorrow.


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