Mascara Test: Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara

Back for another day of the Mascara Test! Today I tested Sephora Atomic Volume. And unlike yesterday where Stila Glamoureyes seriously let me down, this didn’t let me down. Good curl, long-lasting, and volume! However, I did have certain issues. For one, there wasn’t a ton of volume at the base of my lashes, which is what I like my mascara to do. And my lashes feel incredibly coated by the mascara. With some of the others (Bobbi Brown, for example), my lashes didn’t feel nearly as coated, with excellent volume. But this one is really good. A nice not too wet, not too dry formula, deep color. And the brush is very interesting. It’s rubber, with two different sizes of bristles in an oval comb setup. There’s no tapered end on this one, it’s blunted. I think if I was looking for the most affordable and still good, I’d pick this one, as it’s $15. But we’ll have to wait for the pick until I’ve gone through all the different mascaras. Here’s the pictures, taken at 8:00am and 8:00pm.



I honestly think that this mascara gets better on my lashes as the day wears on, more volume throughout the day. Kind of weird, but really cool.

The brush. I like this one, it’s different than others.

I’d say this mascara gets a 9 from me. It’s not my favorite, but it’s a really good one. You can get it here, from Sephora.

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I’m sorry that picture quality is so poor. I have absolutely no clue where my camera is, so I’ve been using my iPhone, which isn’t always the best. I absolutely will have to find it before I do a Naked 2 Palette review! Can’t let those be lower quality pictures.

And I just want to say to all the people clicking the like buttons and the subscribe button or commenting, thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. When I started this blog, I never expected comments, much less people liking posts or subscribing. Every time I see a notification that someone has clicked one of those buttons, I get all excited that someone like what I’ve said. Love all of you for it! You make my day!


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