Update on Books to be Released in 2014

WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE FOR THE THIRD DARKEST MINDS BOOK!!!! While it may still not have a title or a cover, we have a release date: September 16. So we have The Infinite Sea and TDM 3 released on the same day. I think I might die from excitement. And I don’t even know which book I’ll start reading first. But I bet they’ll both be great!

We also have a little more information the release of This Shattered World, it will be released sometime in December. Not sure what exact day, but we know that much more now.

So there’s a little more for us to look forward to now. So excited about TDM 3. The wait is agony. And I basically know that as there are two books released that day that I’m super excited about, I’ll definitely have a test in some class the next day. Because that’s how life does for me.

January Wrap Up and February Wrap Up will probably be put together, as I haven’t had much time for reading since classes started up. And my March TBR will probably be long from that.

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