Slight LOST Spoiler

So if you’ve watched the show LOST for the past five season addictively, with rewatches during the hiatus and utter silence during the new shows, you probably have a certain character that you love and a certain character you can’t stand (*cough cough* Charlie!). And when that favorite, loved character dies it really sucks. I have such a character… his name is Martin Keamy. Commando Keamy. Keamy the Bad Boy. And one of my personal favorites… Steamy Keamy. I admit it… I liked his badass ways. And beating the crap out of certain other characters who got on my nerves shouting “WAAAAAAAAAALT” until my ears bled worked in his favor too. And boy did it suck when he died. I still hate watching that part in that episode.

So when I was on one of my favorite LOST sites today (, Daniel, you’re awesome! And I always totally agree about Charlie.) thanks to a poster there (thanks again buttercup!) there was a spoiler link. Normally I don’t read spoilers so close to the new season. I kinda sorta avoid them like the plague. But because buttercup said I would be really, really happy with this news and it was really awesome, and it was addressed for me to see (lovesteamykeamy on that site), so this time I looked. And boy was I happy. I think it even got rid of my headache. It made my day/week/month/most likely year. Because I have always believed that Keamy would come back. Because lets face it, you can’t keep that man down no matter what. He’s too awesome. I might not know what episode he’ll be back for, but boy am I excited to see it, whether it’s the first episode, the last episode, or anywhere in between, fact is, the most awesome bad boy ever is back! Hallelujah, they have just made up for the fact that they’re probably bringing back Charlie.

Here’s the link:

It’s from Gitsiegirl… Thank you! buttercup… Thank you! TPTB… Thank you!