Bloggers Do It Better: Neons and Neutrals

So it’s time for another Bloggers Do It Better challenge! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the link, go ahead and check out all the awesomeness. This time it’s Neon’s and Neutrals. Which is pretty close to what I wear at work every day, so this was pretty awesome for me. Normally I’ll wear a neutral skirt or pants and a bright top. But since it was a challenge, I dressed it up a little bit with nail polish. Went to the Beauty Supply Store and picked up three Neon Polish Colors from the Ruby Kisses Neon Collection. So here you go:

Here’s more on the nails:

Neon Purple on the Thumbnails.

Neon Green on the Ring Fingers

Neon Pink on the other fingers (yeah, it looks kind of light pink, but it’s actually really bright pink.)

Neon Purple on the toes

Me and the photographer… Thanks Chloe! (Hot day, can you tell?)

Top: Mossimo V-Neck Tee

Skirt: New York & Co.

Shoes: Steve Maddens