Spring is here, yay!

So remember this post from a while back? When Maryland, DC, and Virginia were buried in the snow, with no end of the snow in sight? Yeah, that snow has completely melted away due to some beautiful weather (okay, at least where I’m standing in Maryland, DC and Virginia people, hope it’s all melted there too. That’d just be cruel otherwise.), and the flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, and the Bradford Pear Trees that line my street are once again stinking up the street. But really, isn’t that what spring means? Stinky yet beautiful trees? And the forsythia are in bloom. I had a springy bouquet of yellow tulips and purple irises in my room last week to look at. And the Cherry Blossom Festival is here. Although I probably won’t go. I have this thing against the mega-crowds. And millions of tourists clogging up the metro stations. And I’ve been so many times. But they are beautiful. And the metro stations are crazy. One note to anyone who might not (somehow) know this… when you put a 20 dollar bill into the farecard machine at the metro station, and then you only decide on 5 dollars to put on your farecard, you will get about 15 dollars back in quarters. And if I’m near you when you get all that money back in quarters, I will shout “JACKPOT!” at the top of my lungs. I can’t help it. My weird brain thinks it’s funny. I did it once before. I was heading into classes at Columbia Union College (Now Washington Adventist University, but good luck getting me to call it that… I can’t help it, it’s been CUC all my life.) and someone was getting their day farecard to see the blossoms. And got all those quarters back. Hey, I was in the midst of studying for finals, I’d been up late, and had woken up early. It seemed funny to yell “JACKPOT!” at the time…

Posting pictures of lovely spring later. And next week I get to see the full bloom of spring in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the other place I took college courses, Southern Adventist University. And let me tell you, there is nothing as gorgeous as the SAU Campus in the spring. Well, except maybe the  SAU Campus in the fall… I’ll get the pictures from there too, when I get back next week.

Magnolia Bakery Corn Muffins

YUM! Made these for an office birthday thing. Before I discovered that almost everyone in my office is either sugar free or vegan or some such thing. But oh my they’re good. I found the recipe in the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook, and it is deeeee-vine with a little butter and honey on them. All they basically are is a cornbread recipe put into muffin tins and baked for about 20 minutes. I managed to stretch the batter into 12 muffins instead of 9, since there are 11 people in my department and I needed to make enough (even though only 3 people ate one) for all. This is just the first of many offerings I intend to make from this cookbook, which just has some mouth-watering recipes and pictures in it. My next one will hopefully be Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Caramel Icing. Anyone else find the sound of that delicious?

Here’s the book it came from:

Got it off amazon.com

Happy LOST Day!

Flash Forward and a LOST link.

So first up… new LOST post on other site: http://lovesteamykeamy.wordpress.com/2010/03/22/last-weeks-lost-recon/

Okay, so I did manage to stay awake through the premier ep. of Flashforward this week, and I gotta say… freaked. me. out! Confession: I get scared while watching movies and tv very easily. I mean, I actually had to hide in certain people that cannot be named by me because it hurts too much shirt while we went to go see District 9 this past August (okay, that may have only been partially the reason, there was also he was warm and I was freezing, and I liked being in those arms that I now miss, but I also was freaked out a few times). I’m squeamish like that. And let’s not even get into what watching I Am Legend did to me. And I watched that in the daytime. With other people. And could not sleep for the next few nights. I think I was 16 or 17 at the time, go ahead and mock at free will. Anyhow, the whole Clown mask guys had me jumping in fear. And the whole torture thing had me hiding under a blanket wishing for certain people to hide in them. Which made me sad, so I took the fear. And Charlie… I mean Dominic, he made me snicker, he made me smirk, and he pissed me off. And then he killed his uncle. Who ORCHESTRATED the whole blackout thing, I think. And made it look like he was trying to revive him from a heart attack. DUDE! So it was pretty good. And I can’t wait for this weeks episode to figure out a little more.

It’s kind of funny. This show gives way more answers than LOST, but I still say LOST is superior to it.

Thinking about adding a few more things to discuss on this blog. Books, maybe. Fashion. Any suggestions? Let me know!

Flashforward is back tonight!!

So I tried to stay up on Tuesday night to watch the Flashforward pre-premier thing, but ended up falling asleep, nothing new for me these past few months. Work is amazingly tiring. However, that’s notthe point today. I’ve actually liked this show. And further proved my point that while I hate Charlie Pace on LOST, Dominic Monaghan and all the other character’s he plays doesn’t annoy me. Must be Charlie traipsing around all the time going on about being “in a band. I’m the bassist in Drive Shaft, yo.” crap. While I’m not as all over this show as I am with LOST, I still like it a lot. It makes me think and puzzles me. And boy I hope Demitri doesn’t die. He’s one of my favorites on the show. Why do I always like the ones who are going to die? Can’t wait to see it tonight. Hopefully it’ll be good. And. We’ll. Get. Answers! Sorry, just like the commercials  always say.

And tomorrow my friend and I are doing lunch, DSW (dear Lord I love shoes!), and going to see Alice in Wonderland. What a great way to recover from heartbreak. Food, friends, Johnny Depp, and shoes.

Okay, going to study.

Image courtesy of http://www.scifiscoop.com.