Dr. Linus

So who caught LOST the other night? Wow… that episode was good! As far as I’m concerned, we had two good weeks in a row. And I’ve always liked Ben episodes. Even when he’s being evil, I still root for him… well, except for when he’s killing Keamy. And I was glad when Ilana said “I’ll have you.” That man was right… up until then, he’d been rejected by many, abandoned by many. His mother died (yeah, I know… childbirth, I don’t think it was an optional death), his father basically hated him and blamed him for his mother’s death, he never seemed to feel as if he belonged in the Dharma Initiative, Jacob turned his back to Ben, or so he felt, Alex was killed in front of him (although he did bring that one upon himself), after a while, the Others seemed to be turning from him; this poor guy! It’s no wonder he felt no one would have him. And there Ilana said it. She accepted him… after making him dig his own grave.

And by the way, if someone told me to start digging my own grave, I think I’d refuse… what’s the worst they’re going to do? Kill me? Twice? I say kill me now and then you get to dig the damn grave.

I’m not so sure I’m buying that the MiB really wants Ben to be the new protector/leader of the Island… just a few episodes back he said to Sawyer that the Island didn’t need a protector or leader. So I think, and this is just me, that FLocke is just trying to manipulate Ben. Maybe if Ben had escaped to the Hydra Station, he would have just met his death there at the hands of FLocke.

And Miles… we started to see a bit of that sarcasm in Miles that I love! And we had to hear him mention Nikki and Paulo. Yech. By the way, lostpedia, I have a bone to pick with you. Seriously? You put Nikki and Paulo on the “main characters” portal? I mean, come on now… they were two characters who magically appeared near the end of Season 2 or at the beginning of Season 3. And they were killed off in Season 3. In an episode that tried to prove to us that they were there… but it didn’t. The only good part of that episode was we got to see Boone again.

However, Miles did some good. Using Ben’s line back at him. The sarcastic “uh oh” after he told Ilana what happened to Jacob. Please continue this comeback Miles. I miss you.

And there was Hurley’s line in his opening scene. “Cheese curds”. Remind anyone else of his line “Mallomars” back in Season 4?

And then there’s Richard. DUDE! Freaked me out there. Him and Jack. Tryna kill himself. Really Richard. There is a purpose for you… even if it is to strut around the Island in those good shirts never aging, and randomly popping in and out… it’s a purpose, sir. But that scene was completely awesome… the fuse just went out BY ITSELF! That is why we watch LOST.

And then the reunion and all, yay. But that’s not the reunion I want to see writers!!! JIN AND SUN! You’ve kept me waiting for two seasons now. Jeez.

So this was a fantastic episodes… definitely in the top category. And to all those complaining about a slow season, blah, blah, blah… just keep watching. It will be awesome before the end.

http://lovesteamykeamy.wordpress.com is finally up and running again! Took forever, but I got my password issues fixed up, yay!


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